Cream Cheese Tea Sandwiches

January 13, 2012

Cream cheese tea sandwiches are incredibly easy and versatile.  There are so many possible ingredients that combine well with cream cheese, such as cucumbers or strawberries. But this recipe makes a simple herbed sandwich.  We use chives but you can easily substitute with any combination of fresh herbs that you prefer such as watercress, basil, […]

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How to Make Scones

January 9, 2012

This page contains several introductory tips on how to make scones.  Once you are familiar with the basics, baking scones and even developing your own recipes can become rather easy.  Check out our easy scone recipe to get started after reading these tips. The Technique As a general rule, scone recipes start by whisking the […]

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Pesto Pinwheels

December 29, 2011

These pesto pinwheels are a delicious Italian-style appetizer.  They look really fancy and difficult to make but are actually ridiculously easy!  You only need four ingredients which require very little prep.  Both the basil pesto and roasted red peppers can be bought already prepared in a jar.  Make sure to drain the red peppers well […]

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Sweet Tea Party

December 22, 2011

A sweet tea party is so named because only desserts are served at this tea.  If you don’t want to spend all day slaving in the kitchen preparing the menu, then this is the perfect tea party theme for you.  You don’t need a huge selection of foods because guests already know that they aren’t […]

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High Tea

December 15, 2011

When people think of “high tea,” they often immediately imagine ladies in lovely tea dresses enjoying an afternoon of dainty cucumber sandwiches and fruit tarts.  However, this is incorrect.  High tea sounds like a regal affair and what is more elegant than afternoon tea?  Afternoon tea is actually called “low tea” because during Victorian times, […]

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Victorian Tea Party

December 13, 2011

A Victorian tea party is perhaps the most elegant theme you can choose for your next tea party.  It is also a tradition very rich in history.  The fashion of taking tea began with Anna Maria (1783-1857), the seventh Duchess of Bedford.  She was always famished in the afternoon as the English upper class ate […]

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Tea Party Invitations

December 9, 2011

Tea party invitations can make your party special before it even begins.  Nowadays, paper and hand-written notes are losing out to the convenience of e-mail and the telephone.  There’s no need to have formal, engraved invitations, although you might want to splurge for a truly special occasion such as a bridal or baby shower.  Your […]

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Salmon Tea Sandwiches

December 6, 2011

Salmon tea sandwiches are an excellent tea party food to contrast many desserts. The salty, savory salmon stimulates the palate and provides a balance against the sweetness of tea cakes, cookies, and pastries. Ingredients: Smoked salmon spread 4 ounces cream cheese, at room temperature 4 ounces smoked salmon, minced 2 teaspoon chives, chopped 1 teaspoon […]

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Cucumber Tea Sandwiches

December 2, 2011

Surprisingly delicious yet simple, cucumber tea sandwiches have always been a tea table favorite.  Be sure to use an English cucumber for your sandwiches because they are firm and nearly seedless.  Watercress is a traditionally used herb that complements the cucumber nicely.  However, feel free to substitute the watercress with an herb of your choice, […]

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Hawaiian Wedding Cake

November 30, 2011

The pineapple, vanilla pudding, whipped cream, and yellow cake in this Hawaiian wedding cake recipe team up to create a rich and refreshing dessert, perfect in the summertime.  This cake is also sometimes called “yum yum cake” and for good reason!  It’s a great dessert to serve when you’re planning a larger tea party because […]

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