Sweet Tea Party

by admin on December 22, 2011

A sweet tea party is so named because only desserts are served at this tea.  If you don’t want to spend all day slaving in the kitchen preparing the menu, then this is the perfect tea party theme for you.  You don’t need a huge selection of foods because guests already know that they aren’t coming for a meal, just a little dessert, tea, and conversation.  If you want to serve a last-minute tea and don’t have much time for preparation, make it even easier by picking up a few of your favorite store-bought desserts.  Plan to have around 5-10 servings of sweets for each guest and a selection of 3-4 different sweets on the menu.

The Menu

The possibilities for the dessert menu are endless and the only rule is that the food is sweet: madelines, little cookies, mini fruit tarts, brownies (cut into small pieces of one to two bites), a cake from your favorite bakery, and petit fours are all perfect.  There are also a lot of desserts to be found in your store’s frozen food section such as layer cakes, cream puffs, and mini éclairs.  You can purchase the sweet tea party fare weeks ahead of time and then simply thaw the foods before serving.  Fruits also fit well with this sweet menu, but be sure to choose fruits that are easy to eat with the hands, are not too sticky, and don’t require peeling to make it simple for guests.  Grapes, berries, cherries, and strawberries are all ideal.

The Décor

For simple decorations, arrange vases of flowers on side tables to mix their sweet fragrance with your sugary tea party.  For a more ambitious party décor, create your own edible decorations.  Make edible “flower” arrangements (or just buy these premade from the company called Edible Arrangements) by cutting fruits into flower shapes, dipping some into chocolate, and spearing the fruit on wooden sticks which are then inserted into a piece of foam in an opaque flower vase.  Gingerbread houses are a bit simpler to make and are perfectly festive in the winter time.  Lollipops can also be used to imitate flower arrangements and could be sent home with guests as party favors.   Fill teacups with colorful candies and place these on side tables for an even easier pop of color.  You could also use some candies like M&Ms to fill the bottoms of flower vases or candle glassware.

Party Favors

Have little tulle or fabric bags of pretty candies such as nonpareils,Jordanalmonds, and colorful mints tied with ribbon to send home with guests as party favors.  Or if guests are trying to watch their figures and your sweet tea party is supposed to be a rare indulgence, look for soaps shaped as candies to give instead.  The party favors can also double as place cards if you’re serving tea at a table.  Write the names of guests on a piece of cardstock, punch a hole in the corner, and slip the card onto the ribbon before tying the bag.

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