Tea Party Invitations

by admin on December 9, 2011

Tea party invitations can make your party special before it even begins.  Nowadays, paper and hand-written notes are losing out to the convenience of e-mail and the telephone.  There’s no need to have formal, engraved invitations, although you might want to splurge for a truly special occasion such as a bridal or baby shower.  Your invites can be as formal or as informal as you like.  If you’re feeling creative, the possibilities for unique invitations are endless.

First let’s assume that you’re not the crafty, creative type but still want elegant invitations for your next tea party.  Many office supply stores carry blank note cards and stationary with simple yet stylish designs.  If you have a friend that knows calligraphy or has beautiful handwriting, you could bribe him or her to write handwritten messages for you.  Or if you’re good with the computer, you could use a word-processing program to print your invites with an attractive, calligraphic font.  This is especially easy if you purchase sturdy, standard-sized paper and fold it three times to slide into a matching envelope.

Only if you must, send an e-mail to substitute.  If the thought of tea party invitations overwhelms you as a beginner, then skip them altogether by making phone calls or sending e-mails.  Just be aware that e-mails are decidedly more informal than paper invitations.  However if you’re planning a last minute get-together, phone calls or e-mails are definitely appropriate and practical.  As a beginner, perhaps plan to spend more time on the invitations for future parties after you’ve already mastered the tea and food service and other essential host or hostess duties.

If you’re prepared to spend a little more time on your tea party invitations, gather a bunch of materials together to come up with never-ending ideas for your invites.  Some materials to use can be found at your local craft store such as cardstock, fabrics, stickers, paper doilies, ribbons, dried flowers, buttons, and strips of lace.  Start with a sturdy piece of beautifully colored cardstock and layer another piece of paper on top with a pretty background or instead layer with a paper doily or piece of fabric.  Then decorate with the ribbons, flowers, sticker, buttons, and laces.  If you like to scrapbook, invite a few friends who share your passion over for a cup of tea to help you make the invitations.  You may already have all of the supplies that you’ll need.  You can also print out images from the internet to add such as pictures of a tea set, tea party foods, or Victorian paintings for a formal afternoon tea.

For more ideas, take a trip to the craft store and walk through different aisles, noticing unique pieces and brainstorming ways to incorporate them into your next invitations.  If you plan on delivering invitations by hand rather than through the mail, you’ll have even more options such as miniature Victorian hats or dolls, bouquets of flowers, and small hand-held fans with notes attached.

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